Analog-20 | Electronic Keyboard


The ANALOG-20 is a sample-based VSTi instrument that sounds like the old electronic personal keyboards and home organs of the late 70s and early 80s, with the same character as the original hardware it is based on.

True to its origin, it is a mono keyboard (no fancy stereo here!), but it’s got some modern conveniances too, such as velocity sensitivity, extended note polyphony and also a wider note range.

The uses for this kind of instrument are virtually limitless, but it lends itself well to anything that’s synthesizer based, or has a retro vibe, such as, for example, video game scores.

10 Instruments (and one percussion section)

  • Organ 1
  • Organ 2
  • Trumpet
  • Strings
  • Clarinet
  • Oboe
  • Piano
  • Harpsichord
  • Accordion
  • Vibraphone

Limitation Breeds Creativity

Too many options can be overwhelming when all you want to do is make music. The Analog-20 is simple. If you reached for it, you already know that you are after a classic analog home organ sound. Now all you need to do is pick an instrument patch, and off you go. If you want to add some dynamic with velocity sensitivity, well, you can do that, but that’s all you get in terms of built in options.

Vibraphone – Spacey
Organ 1 – Amp
Organ 2 – Church

Prefers the Company of Friends

While the Analog-20 is great by itself, it is when used as a platform for distorsion, filters and other effects that it really shines. For example:

  • Put a long delay and reverb on Vibraphone and cut the lows
  • Put Organ 1 through a guitar amp simulator
  • Put a long reverb on Organ 2 for a faux church organ.

(Mostly) Individually Sampled

Every note of the original instrument is individually Sampled for the best quality possible. Unlike other sample-based instruments, which uses a single sample for every few notes and relies on pitch shifting to complete the set, the Analog-20 is individually sampled for every single note, for every single instrument. This does mean a trade-off in terms of file size, but we don’t live in the 90s anymore.

That said, the range of the original instrument has been extended beyond its original capabilities by pitch shifting the higher and lower ranges.

Nice to your CPU

the Analog-20 doesn’t rely on state-of-the-art, CPU-hogging analog circuit-modeling psychoacoustic synthesis, and it doesn’t need to. It’s just simple good old sample playback. This means that it’s easy on your CPU, so you can stuff even more tape saturation plugins on your master bus.

Hear it in action!

Joel Zettergren of Igloon studio was kind enough to put together some sample tracks to highlight what this thing is capable of, proving that you can use just this one instrument for every part of a song if you want. Not always recommended, but it is within the realm of possibility.

Demo 1 – Joel Zettergren @ Igloon studio
Demo 2 – Joel Zettergren @ Igloon studio

You get all of this for the same price you’d pay for:

  • A night out with your friends
  • A few days of groceries
  • About a dozen Starbucks coffees

What’s more important to you? You get to choose.