Today, I am pleased to announce the ANALOG-20 | ELECTRONIC KEYBOARD!

The ANALOG-20 is a sample-based VSTi instrument that sounds like the old electronic personal keyboards and home organs of the early 80s, with the same character and quirks as the original hardware it is based on.

True to its origin, it is a monophonic keyboard, but it’s got some added modern features too, such as velocity sensitivity (which can be turned off by putting the velocity threshold slider all the way to the top for authentic feel) and extended note polyphony compared to what was available at the time.

The uses for this kind of instrument are virtually limitless, but it lends itself well to anything that’s synthesizer based, or has a retro vibe, such as, for example, video game scores.


  • 10 fully sampled instruments
  • Individually sampled keys
  • Extended note range (2 octaves each way) for a total of 8 octaves
  • Adjustable velocity threshold
  • Easy to use interface.

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