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What is the difference between balanced and Unbalanced? What’s a line level signal? What’s Hi-Z and what Bitrate and Sample rate should I use? When new to recording and the world of professional audio, all these terms can be confusing. What do they mean and when should I use what? The “What Is” series will explain the basics of what you need to know, so you can record with confidence. OTHER ENTRIES IN THE SERIES Digital and Analog Signals:• Line level• Mic level• Speaker level• Balanced and Unbalanced• High impedance• Low impedance• Sample rate• Bitrate• Decibel scales Inputs and Outputs and Connectors:• Phantom Power• Microphone inputs• Line level inputs/outputs• Instrument inputs• Insert Channels• S/PDIF inputs/outputs• ADAT Inputs/outputs• MIDI inputs/outputs• Network Protocols Analog audio signals, as well as digital audio signals, and how they relate to each other, is a topic that goes very deep, and I’m only going to skim…

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